The Problems with Goats...

British Oxfam (one of the leading development NGOs) have a web site, Oxfam Unwrapped, where people can buy gifts that then goes to developing countries. According to the Times (the real one) the surprise hit of the Christmas shopping season was the goat, which costs GPD 24. From the "product description":

No if's or butts a goat is a great gift. Even the kids can get involved. You start with one and end up with a herd. They can then be sold to raise cash for school fees, or tools and start to reduce poverty. Best of all, the first female kid is given to another family and the process starts all over again. So why not invest in a goat?

Well, nothing is so good that it is not bad for something (normally the other way around I believe), so promtly The World Land Trust (WLT), also from the UK, have complained that the animals (you can also get a camel, calf or donkey) will have a “devastating environmental impact”. You can read more here.

PS Notice that the product decision specificly mentions kids. Next, someone will complaing that Oxfam is encouraging child labour!