A summary of March

I never got around to writing the things up as they happend, so instead here is what went on in March of various research related activities: I presented my paper, "Gone with the Wind? Hurricane Risk, Fertility and Education", at the Pacific Conference for Development Economics held at Santa Clara University, at the Center for Sudies in Demography and Ecology seminar series and at the Population Association of America's (PAA) annual conference in Los Angeles in the session "Demography of Poverty". At the Population Association of America conference I also discussed two papers in the session "Causal Effects of Schooling on Demographic and Health Outcomes".

I also travelled to Delhi in connection with my project on the use of sex selective abortion in India. The project is partly financed by the University of Washington's Royalty Research Fund. Finally, I participated in a one day workshop on population issues in Ethiopia organised by the World Bank in Addis Ababa, where I presented preliminary results from a project analysing the effectiveness of family planning programs in Ethiopia.