International Development Internship Program (IDIP) at Seattle University

This announcement from Joe Philips, Dean of Albers School of Business and Economics, is mainly of interest for students at Seattle University:

We are pleased to announce that the university’s International Development Internship Program (IDIP) will become part of the Albers School starting this academic year. Dr. Janet Quillian, who has directed the program since it started in 2001, will be joining the Albers School as part of our faculty, having served on the SU faculty since 1995. Janet’s disciplinary background is in nursing, with her undergraduate degree from the University of Nevada, master’s from Texas Women’s University, and doctorate from the University of Texas.

If you are not already familiar with IDIP, it is truly one of the most distinctive programs at SU, offering undergraduate students from across the campus an opportunity to work with an NGO in emerging economies in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. A brief description of the program on the program website says:

The International Development Internship Program (IDIP) is a 20 credit, three-phase academic program designed for undergraduate students. Students are challenged to explore the root causes and consequences of situations that undermine the well-being of individuals in the developing world. The goal of the IDIP Program is to instill in students a lifelong commitment to the Jesuit mission of service and promotion of social justice. Internships with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are available in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

For more information on IDIP, check out the current website: